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About EUPA


What is EUPA?

The Edmonton Ultimate Players Association was established in 2001 as a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting the ultimate community in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. The organization consists of a Board of Directors, three staff members and committees.


How do I join the EUPA Board of Directors?

An election is held annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place in November. Board positions are two-year terms which are off-set to allow five transitioning positions each year. By-elections may be called at any time if vacancies arise between AGMs. If you are interested in running or would like to nominate someone for a position at the next election, contact  Click here for a description of the board positions.


What is and how do I join a EUPA Committee?

EUPA also has 7 committees that assist with the running of the organization.  These committees are Executive, Programming, Growth & Marketing, Tournaments & Events, Fields, Staff and Youth.  If you are interested in joining a committee, reach out to  More information can be found on the About Us page.


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About Ultimate


What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a non-contact team sport where a flying disc is passed from player to player to score points. Points are scored by catching the disc in the designated end-zone. Players cannot run while in position of the disc. What makes Ultimate different from other sports is that it is self-officiating, even at the highest levels of competition. Learn more here


What are the Rules?

EUPA follows the USAU Rules which are the same rules followed by Ultimate Canada events. Rules are updated every two years with the most current version always available online. Specific leagues or tournaments may include additional rules or rule amendments.


How many players are on the field at once?

Traditionally, Ultimate has been played with 14 players on the field (seven from each team). However, smaller formats have also become popular particularly for indoor play where space is limited. EUPA currently offers leagues in the following formats: 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 and 7v7. For some leagues, format may be adjusted based on the number of registrants or game attendees.


What is the field size?

Field size will vary depending on the format being played (4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7). Field size for 7v7 play can be found in the USAU Rules in Appendix A. Field size is reduced for other formats and may vary depending on facility dimensions and field availability.


What is Spirit of the Game?

Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is one of the defining aspects of Ultimate. With no referees, the onus of honourable play is put on the players themselves. Spirit of the Game is referenced in game rules and is often rewarded through honouring Spirit winners at leagues and tournaments.  Watch this video by Ultimate Canada about what Spirit of the Game means and another video with five ways to improve your SOTG.


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Registration Related


How do I create a EUPA account and add myself or others as a player who can register for leagues?

Click on the Member Log In button at the top of the page and click "Don't have an account? Create one Here". In your account, add yourself or any other potential registrants as family members. See this short video showing How to Create a EUPA Account.


I have registration issues!  Who can help me?

If you are having trouble navigating our registration system, reach out to the Administrative Coordinator via email (, phone @ 587-523-3543 or direct message through the EUPA Community Slack.


It says my account is no longer valid, what does this mean?

In October 2021 we switched to a new registration system. If you have not registered for a league or tournament since before then, you will need to create a new account. Account related questions can be directed to


What is Individual Sign Up?

Individual sign up is when a league or tournament allows players to sign up as an individual player without a team affiliation. In these instances, EUPA will be creating teams or placing players on teams. 


What is Team Sign Up?

Team sign up programs require a team captain or organizer to first register/create a team in our system and send their players the team invite link. Players on that team will require a team link from their captain/organizer to then register individually for the league. See the Team Registration User Guide.


What is Pod Sign Up?

Pod sign up is when a league or tournament allows players to indicate which players that they would like to be placed on a team with. During registration there will be a place to list the names of your pod-mates. Please ensure that the other players are aware of your request to ‘pod’ with them - only reciprocal pods will be considered. We will try our best to keep all pods intact but know that it might not always be possible to do so and create balanced teams. 


What if I need to withdraw before the program starts?  Can I get a credit or refund? 

Refer to the Credit/Refund Policy to see if you qualify.  If you do, fill out the Credit/Refund Request Form.  Allow 30 days for processing. Any question/concerns can be directed to


What if I want to withdraw from a program that has already started?  Can I get a credit or refund?

Credits or Refunds are not granted for programs that have already started. However, appeals may be considered in extenuating circumstances. Appeals can be made by filling out the Credit/Refund Appeal FormAny questions/concerns can be directed to


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Game Related


What if I cannot make it to a game?

There is no penalty or reimbursement for missed games. Where an absence will affect your team’s ability to play, it is highly encouraged that players attempt to find a substitute player in place of the missing player. Substitute players must have a valid membership.


How do I find a substitute player?

Players can look for fellow EUPA members to substitute by posting on the EUPA FB Group or in the EUPA Community Slack Channel under #subs. Players should notify their team captain / Ambassador of absences in order for them to assist with finding a substitute player. Email for an invite to the EUPA Community Slack.


What if I get injured and can no longer play?

If the program has not started yet, refer to the Credit/Refund Policy to see if you qualify for a credit or refund. If the program has already started or you do not qualify for a credit or refund, a replacement player can take your place in the league/tournament. 

When a replacement player is found:

  • Ensure the replacement players has a valid membership (they can purchase one if not)
  • Notify and for leagues or for tournaments
  • Any compensation is to be coordinated amongst the impacted players - no credits/refunds will be issued by EUPA


What if there is bad weather?  When will games be canceled?

Refer to our Weather Policy for how to handle inclement weather or poor air quality.


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Useful Definitions


Hat (League or Tournament)

A Hat league or tournament is an event where players register as individuals and teams are assembled by the organizers. Traditionally, this may have been putting names into a hat and randomly drawing out names to create teams, hence the term “Hat.” In actuality, great care is taken to ensure balanced teams during our programs to ensure a fun, fair and competitive experience for our participants.


Pick Up

A “Pick Up” game is a drop-in style event where players can show up to play a game of Ultimate. Teams are made on the spot and there is no pre-registration required. This is a great opportunity to introduce friends to the sport with minimal commitment. Note: For insurance purposes, a membership ($8) is required to participate. Become a member here.


Train & Play

A “Train & Play” differs from a Pick Up game in that it includes a training component along with game play (or scrimmage). A portion of the session will be dedicated to teaching skills such as throwing/catching and running drills. The session typically concludes with a scrimmage match to simulate real world game situations in which to apply the newly acquired knowledge.


Mixed, Women’s and Open Formats

The majority of programming offered by EUPA is Mixed, where all genders share a field. In Mixed play, there will be a gender ratio set where teams are required to have a certain number of players of different genders on the field at any given time.

Women’s leagues and divisions are for female-identifying players and provide an alternative to mixed play. EUPA’s women’s leagues are open to all levels of female players.

Open divisions are considered “open for all,” though in tournament play this is typically populated mostly by men. Tournaments with an Open division will often also have a corresponding Women’s division.



A pull is when teams line up on opposite end zones and the team that scored the last point will throw (or “pull”) the disc towards the opposing team to start the next point. At the start of the game the team that executes the first pull will be determined by the captain during the ‘flip.’ Some formats of play will have pulls and others will not.


Player Substitutions

A player substitution is when a player on the field is replaced by another player from the same team. There are two types of substitutions: Standard and Sub-on-the-Fly


  • Standard substitution is when players change during the time after a point is scored and before the next point is started. 
  • Sub-on-the-Fly allows players to substitute at any point in the game so long as there are never more than the allowable number of players on the field at any given time. Players must exit the field before their replacement players enter the field and this exchange only happens in the designated substitution zone. 


Ratio Rules - Mixed Divisions

The following World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) definitions may be used to establish ratio rules for a league or tournament.

  • Ratio Rule A “Prescribed Ratio” is when at the start of the game, after the disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the ratio for the first point (4 females & 3 males or 4 males and 3 females).  The next 2 points the ratio is reversed from the first point. A pattern of alternating every two points repeats until the end of the game.  Halftime has no impact on the pattern. 
    • In conjunction with the Ratio Rule A, all events must include the prescribed gender pull rule. The prescribed gender pull rule states that a player representing the gender with 4 players on the field must pull for that point.
  • Ratio Rule B “Endzone Decides” is when at the start of the game, after the disc flip, the winner selects which endzone is “End zone A” with the other end zone becoming “End zone B”.  Teams starting on “End zone A” must choose the personnel ratio.  This process applies for the first half.  For the second half, the team that is at “End zone B” must choose the personnel ratio.

Refer to WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2021-2024 - Appendix v2 section A6 for more information. Full WFDF rules are found here


Gameplay Formats

Different programs will employ different gameplay formats. It is important to check with organizers which format is in use during a particular game. In some circumstances, format can be negotiated between captains to accommodate the needs of the players. Here is a list of some typical game play formats:

  • Standard game play is characterized by pulls between points and standard substitutions.
  • Standard with Sub-on-the-Fly has pulls but instead of standard substitutions, players may substitute at any point in the game (see Sub-on-the-Fly definition under Player Substitutions for full definition).
  • Continuous format is characterized by no pulls (except at the start of the game and after half time) and Sub-on-the-Fly. When a point is scored, the player places the disc on the ground where it is caught. The opposing team then picks up the disc from that spot and play resumes. The disc is put into play immediately by the non-scoring team, there is no waiting for substitutions or set-up of offense or defense. 
  • Speed Point format is characterized by no pulls (except at the start of the game and after half time) and standard substitutions. When a point is scored the disc is put on the ground by the scoring team at the location it was caught. Both teams complete substitutions and the non-scoring team picks up the disc and puts it in play after offense and defense are set up on the field, typically within 30 seconds of the last point being scored or defense indicates readiness.
  • Speed Point with Sub-on-the-Fly is characterized by no pulls (except at the start of the game and after half time) and Sub-on-the-Fly (see Sub-on-the-Fly definition under Player Substitutions for full definition). Unlike Continuous format where the disc is put into play immediately, in this scenario the disc is put in play after offense and defense are set up on the field, typically within 30 seconds of the last point being scored or defense indicates readiness. 


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